How to use Finum Brewing Baskets with fine tea particles?

Finum brewing basket

Finum Brewing Baskets are made of stainless-steel mesh and come in various sizes to accommodate tea quantities. The mesh is designed to prevent particles from seeping into your tea while allowing optimal water circulation for a flavorful infusion. This Finum brewing basket often features a heat-resistant plastic frame and a lid to retain heat during brewing.

Choosing the Right Finum Brewing Basket

Selecting the appropriate Finum brewing basket is crucial for a successful brewing experience. Consider the size of your teapot or mug and the amount of tea you wish to brew. Finum offers a range of sizes, from small individual baskets to larger ones for teapots. Ensure the basket fits comfortably in your brewing vessel without restricting water flow.

Preparing Your Finum Brewing Basket

Before using your Finum Brewing Basket for the first time, it’s essential to clean it thoroughly. Rinse the basket with warm water to remove any manufacturing residue. Avoid using soap or detergent, as it may leave a lingering taste. Once clean, place the basket in your brewing vessel.

Measuring Tea and Water

Measuring your tea and water accurately is crucial for achieving the desired strength and flavor. Refer to the tea’s packaging or instructions to determine the recommended tea-to-water ratio.

Brewing Process

Finum brewing basket

Gently place the measured tea into the Finum Brewing Basket. Ensure the basket is balanced, as it may prevent proper water circulation. Once the tea is in the basket, secure the lid if your basket has one. Position the basket inside your teapot or mug, ensuring it is fully submerged in the water.

Infusion Time and Temperature

Each type of tea has an ideal infusion time and temperature for the best flavor extraction. Refer to the tea packaging or instructions to determine the recommended parameters. Finum Brewing Baskets allow you to control the steeping time and temperature easily. Use a tea or set a timer to ensure accurate timing.

Removing the Brewing Basket

After the designated infusion time has elapsed, carefully remove the Finum Brewing Basket from your teapot or mug. Place it on a saucer or a designated tea tray to avoid drips. Take caution, as the basket and tea may still be hot. Enjoy the delightful aroma as you remove the basket, knowing your tea is now perfectly brewed.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning is essential to maintain the longevity of your Finum Brewing Basket. After each use, empty the tea leaves into a compost bin or dispose of them appropriately. Rinse the basket with warm water to remove any residue, gently brushing away any stubborn particles.

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