Giving Your Baby a Great Sleeping Journey with Love to Dream

Giving Your Baby a Great Sleeping Journey with Love to Dream

Babies need sleep, which is imperative for their brain’s development. Furthermore, it’s a basic need that first-time parents also need to take care of their children properly. So if you just recently gave birth to your child and have a hard time putting them to sleep, you might want to consider giving Love to Dream a try. They provide award-winning baby sleeping bags, such as swaddles. Of course, swaddling is a traditional way of putting your newborns to sleep. However, Love to Dream designed a swaddle that ensures a good night’s sleep for both you and your baby. So if you want you and your babies to get the right amount of sleep, let Love to Dream help you out!

An Effective Way to Achieve Deeper Sleep

As mentioned in the introduction, Love to Dream developed a swaddle, which is perfect for newborns and first-time parents. It’s only natural for a parent to have a hard time putting their babies to sleep, especially if you’re on your first child. So Love to Dream created a swaddle that is designed for instant and deeper sleep. Therefore, you also get the right amount of sleep while feeding your baby every three hours. Their award-winning swaddle keeps their arm upwards and close to their body, which prevents your baby from waking up due to their natural startle reflex.

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Know When to Swaddle & When to Stop

Swaddles are a great way of achieving a long night of sleep and comfort for your baby. It mimics the womb, which is why professionals will always recommend swaddling a baby, especially newborns. But when should you stop swaddling them? Usually, babies are already learning how to roll over between two to four months. So if you notice them start to roll over, you will want to stop swaddling them because it might be very dangerous. Let’s say they’re currently swaddled and rolled over; then they won’t be able to roll over back since their arms aren’t free.

Wonderful Swaddles for You to Choose From

Love to Dream’s award-winning swaddles is all made out of high-quality materials. Of course, nothing beats the best, especially if it’s for our babies. Furthermore, they have a TOG rating, which is the measurement of the thermal insulation of a product. They provide a TOG rating for the warmth they provide. So the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the product.

After swaddling your babies, you might want to move on to the next stage, which is transitional. Here, your babies will want more freedom with their arms. After this stage is independent sleep, which is for toddlers. You can choose from the sleeping suit or the sleeping bag. But overall, it’s all about the comfort, which will keep your little ones sleeping through the night.

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