Wearing White Contact Lenses Safely: An All-Inclusive Manual

Disinfect Lenses

You may look fantastic in costumes or on special occasions with white contact lenses. It is crucial to wear them carefully, nonetheless. This is a thorough instruction to enable trouble-free use of white contacts.

  • You have to choose the appropriate white contact lenses first. Buy only from reliable sources. Verify the lenses’ FDA clearance. That guarantees their safety to wear. Cheap lenses from unidentified sources should be avoided as they might damage your eyes.
  • See an eye doctor for a prescription even if you don’t need vision correction. Your doctor will measure and examine your eyes. This guarantees the correct fitting of the lenses. Poorly fitted lenses may hurt your eyes or just be uncomfortable.
  • Do a good hand wash before handling your contact lenses. Work with water and soap. Squeeze a fresh towel over your hands. Hands that are clean assist ward against diseases.
  • Lay the lens on your fingers. Check to be sure the lens is not facing inward. Holding your top eyelid with one hand, use the other to draw down your lower eyelid. Put the lens very gently over your eye. Twice blink to let the lens settle.
  • Wearing white contact lenses for too long is not recommended. Begin with little time, maybe one or two hours. As your eyes adjust, gradually lengthen the duration. Wear them no more than eight hours a day.

multipurpose contact lens

  • Hands should be washed before taking off the lenses. Look up and draw down your lower eyelid. With your thumb and index finger, lightly squeeze the lens. Pull it out gently. Stop and try again if you are uncomfortable.
  • As always, store and clean your lenses correctly. Use the remedy your eye doctor has advised. Never use tap water. Once the lenses are off, wipe them with the solution. Stow them in a brand-new, spotless lens case.
  • Take off the lenses as soon as your eyes start to hurt or get red. Should the issue persist, see your eye doctor. Any pain should never be disregarded since it might cause major problems with your eyes.
  • Never give someone else your white contact lenses. Transmission of infections is possible. Just one individual should wear each set of lenses.

Exciting and enjoyable may be using white contacts. But first and foremost, there should always be safety. To enjoy your glasses trouble-free, do these things. Give your eyes’ health priority and see an eye doctor if you have any questions.

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