Getting the Right Cycling Clothes for Long Rides

Cycling Clothes for Long Rides

The world of bike riding has expanded quite a bit over the last few years. With the invention of the bicycle, cycling has gone from a leisurely activity to an athletic one, with many riders that partake in competitions and even marathons. Unfortunately for some people, particularly those who are not experienced in cycling and have no understanding of proper supplies to take such long rides, this can lead to quite a bit of frustration.

Just like any good workout or activity that might lead to exhaustion or injury without proper preparation and planning, long rides can be dangerous if you’re not wearing appropriate clothing. Investing in some quality biking clothes will ensure you’ll get through your trek without any injuries or unrelenting discomfort.

When starting your search for the proper cycling clothing, there are two things you should keep in mind. First, long-distance bike riding will require more than just a few pieces of clothing to ensure you’re as comfortable and happy as possible. Making sure you have a variety of garments will allow you to adjust when necessary and still be moving at a reasonable speed without discomfort. The second thing is that no matter how much fitness or experience you have cycling, these clothes should be made of material that is friendly to your skin and body. You must be well-nourished and healthy while you’re biking, so your clothes shouldn’t cause any crashes or injuries.

Cycling Clothes

Quality biking gear will range from simple to extravagant, depending on how professional you want to look and how long your ride will be. There are a few essential clothing items that every cyclist should have to maintain comfort throughout their ride: a jersey, a pair of shorts, some socks, shoes, arm warmers, and caps.

The jersey is an essential piece of clothing made of stretchy material that will hug tightly around your body for optimum comfort. This can be a full-length jersey like a cycling team uses or a short-sleeve shirt with mesh ventilation. The jersey will usually have several pockets that can be utilized to carry items such as identification, keys, and money.

The shorts are similar to the jersey style; however, they will sometimes come in tighter and form-fitting. And, of course, these are also made out of stretchy material that is ideally breathable and comfortable to wear during your journey. While many cyclists wear shorts underneath their jerseys, it is not necessary to do so while riding a long distance with proper clothing on your body.

Socks are another essential item that cyclists should wear. Like the other gear, the socks should be made out of breathable material, lycra, and cotton to cushion your feet as you ride. The socks should reach up over your ankle to provide additional support and protection.

The shoes are essential because cycling shoes are designed to support the foot while pedaling. These shoes will have stiff soles with a cleat attached so that you can pedal with more leverage and power while still having good precision on turns and hills. Cycling shoes are usually lightweight and very comfortable to wear for long periods.

Arm warmers are something you might want to consider carrying with you if you feel it’s too cold or windy outside for comfort.

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